ve-Co – Professional gardening services
1 Quotes - We will come to your property (in most cases) and assess the work. A free quote will be given. We will try to be as helpful as possible and we can do a second quote for free but for any additional quotes or best price research, a charge may be applicable. 
2 Buying materials - Depending on our arrengments we can get all materials for the project. However, we can't buy you a pack of cigatetts or a bulb for your house, for example. 
3 Access - We will need parking for the vehicles and a space for materials. It is the owners responsibility to provide it or cover the cost for it if there is any.
 Prior to starting a project 30% of the labour cost and all materials purchased by us should be paid in full.  A deposit for projects costing under £350- £700 may not be necessary. A full payment is required by the end of completion.
5 Additional work - if you like to add any additional work and it is not in our competence we can give you 2 weeks to complete it. If it is in our competence it will be defined as another project.
6 Replacement of the initial materials -  If you like to replace the materials you have chosen in the first place the work will be  reassessed and it will be defined as another project. 
Cleaning - we will clean every time at the end of the day and at the end of the project. However, we are not professional cleaners and we can't go to the smallest details. If you like us to find cleaners just let us know and we will add it to the price of the quote. 
Payments - at the end of the project a full payment is required. If something minor needs doing (not more than 1 day work for one person) it is your right to hold £300 untill sorted. 
9 Materials after the project - at the end of every project usually some materials remain. It is our duty to put all remaining materials in the skip or call the supplier to return it if possible. However, if you like to store the remaining materials in a shed or your house and asks us to do it, a charge may apply. 
10 Rubbish - if there is no agreement (verbal or written) who will take care of rubbish from the project. It is a responsibility of the owner. 
11 Invoicing - invoice for a preject is issued at the end of the project when full payment is received.